Looking to Make a Reservation?!

If you’re looking for the ultimate group dining experience, Sushi Village is the only place to bring your family, friends, co-workers or clients.

Whether you’re a group of 6 people or 60 people, Sushi Village can provide a sumptuous feast and one amazingly good time. Just watch, after one dinner with your friends at Sushi Village, you’ll be smitten forever…

I’d like to make a reservation please!

Sushi Village accepts reservations for groups of 6 or more.

Book your Sushi Village reservation on Resy

Ack! I only have a group of 4 friends. What can I do?!

Sushi Village sets aside over half the restaurant for “walk-in” customers, such as your group of 4. Come in and chat with the hostess. They will give you an estimated wait time for a table, at which time you can either have a drink in our lounge or wander beautiful Whistler Village until we are ready for you.

Sushi Village is always SO busy. How can I avoid long waits?

Thanks! Being busy is the best/worst problem for a restaurant to have. We love all of our guests and want you to be happy. During holidays and weekends the line-ups can be very long. We encourage all to “anticipate the wait”. Send one member of your group to get your team on the wait list approx. 45-60 minutes prior to when you wish to dine.

Can you take a group of 24 people?!

Provided we have no prior bookings, Sushi Village can accommodate large groups. For all groups of 15 or more people, we do require a set menu. Menu prices are $30, $40 or $50 per person and it’s a really great way to experience Sushi Village. Your guests simply sit, order drinks and a variety of family style sharing platters, made up of our most popular dishes, arrives at the the table for all to enjoy!

Download Sushi Village Group Menu PDF

What’s up with the 10 minute/2 hour reservation rule?

Sushi Village asks that you be prompt for your reservation. We only hold the reservation for 10 minutes and we need everyone present to seat you. WHY? Because often groups change size. Your 12 just became a group of 8 or vice versa. We need to see your whole group to adjust and make changes. After 30 years, we are wizards at adjusting to changing parties. Also, we give everyone a leisurely 2 hour dining time with us. If your group is late, you will feel rushed and then scowl at us when we are trying to push you out for the reservation following you… that was on time!

When can I make reservations for Christmas / Easter / Spring Break, etc?

Sushi Village takes reservations up to 3 months in advance.  All availability is available on Resy.com! 

For information on Group Reservations, Special Menus and Pricing, email Sushi Village directly at reservations@sushivillage.com.

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