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“At Whistler’s Sushi Village, the salmon is fresh off the Vancouver docks. The Beautiful Roll is tops, but strawberry sake margaritas are the principal reason for the rowdiness in the nine tatimi rooms in the back.”


East Kent Magazine review

East Kent Magazine - September 2013

“For serious Sushi connoisseurs an evening at Sushi Village is an absolute must when visiting Whistler.”
 – An article by blogger & freelance writer Jai Yehia as a result of a September 2013 media visit.  The story appears on page 51-53.  View the electronic copy here. - October 2013 - October 2013

Pink Bike coverage – from a Whistler visit back in October 2013.
Click here to read. - January 2014 - January 2014

“Super Hiro Roll consisting of spicy tuna, avocado, tempura bits, and ponzu sauce. It was the best sushi roll I’ve ever eaten.”
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“Locals seem to agree that the strawberry sake margaritas at Sushi Village are a “must-have” ingredient for a summer party in the village.”
Read the link from Rachel Kristensen’s visit to Whistler.


September 19, 2012 – Whistler Insider Blog
“Whistler Autumn – Top 10 Things to Do”
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Nov.7, 2011 – CITY AM
“In the snow in British Columbia”
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Pique – Best of Whistler 2009
Voted #1 Best Sushi, Voted 2nd for coolest staff


Pique – Best of Whistler 2008
2nd Overall – Best Overall Restaurant, Voted #1 Best Sushi

“There used to be more, but it still happens—go to Merlin’s for après and girls may be dancing on the barstools topless. On a powder day we’ll ski Blackcomb then go to Merlin’s for beers and nachos. Then we’ll go to Sushi Village with our ski boots on…”

Outside Magazine

November 23, 2009

Elle Magazine review

Elle Magazine

“Sushi Village has the best sushi I’ve ever had–and I go to Japan quite often.”

T&L Golf review

T&L Golf

“Due to it’s legions of Japansese visitors, Whistler also features several sushi restaurants, the best being Sushi Village.”

“Speaking of sushi, Sushi Village has some of the best Japanese artistry eatery of Tokyo, with fresh fish shipped in daily from Vancouver…”

New York Times

December 2007

Eating & Drinking Guide Review

Vancouver Eating & Drinking Guide

“…there’s plenty of esoteric cold fish cuts for the adventurous, and Sushi Village remains a favorite of Whistler chefs on their nights off…”

Skiier Magazine Review

Skiier Magazine

“Everytime you go, you feast and drink excessively. It’s the perfect primer for a good night out.”

“Ski Country’s Six Best Mountain Sushi Joints: Sushi Village At Sushi Village, they server pitchers of strawberry sake margarita, adn their tatami rooms are instant parties. Sushi Village is so authentic, they run help-wanted ads in Japanese.”

Ski Press World Magazine


Eating & Drinking Guide Review

Maxim Magazine

“If you must eat raw fish, head to Sushi Village…”

SKIING Gear Guide '03

Skiing Gear Guide

“At Whistler’s Sushi Village, the salmon is fresh off the Vancouver docks. The Beautiful Roll is tops, but strawberry sake margaritas are the principal reason for the rowdiness in the nine tatimi rooms in the back.”

“Sushi Village, Whistler’s most popular restaurant. Don’t miss the spicy agedashi tofu, the Beautiful roll, or the SASS roll…” Hemisphere Magazine

November 2006

Forbes Magazine review

Forbes Magazine - December 2005

“…Loads of colorfully festooned folks from Osaka and Kyoto are here, as is a cache of good sushi bars such as Sushi Village to keep them sated…”

SKIING Gear Guide '03

Freeze Magazine

From the 2004 resort Guide: Sushi Village is listed as one of the popular nightspots where “you can join the merry bands of lost folks partying until the lifts open again.”

2000 – 2007

Pique – Best of Whistler 2007
2nd Overall – Best Overall Restaurant, Voted #1 Best Server

Pique – Best of Whistler 2006 – 2nd Overall – Best Overall Restaurant
“Essential Mountain Info: EATING Crabshack or Sushi Village for amazing seafood.”
– Fall Line – Skiing, Tourism British Columbia, March 2006

“Come the evenings on such days we had all stored up a surplus of energy, so usually went out to dinner at the Sushi Village – a delicious restaurant that was always packed…”


October 1, 2002

Pique – Best of Whistler 2005 – 2nd Overall – Best Sushi, #1 Server

Pique – Best of Whistler 2004 – Best Sushi

“In the off-season when its stratospheric prices drop, the slopside Pan Pacific is a heavenly…. Eat very well next door at Sushi Village. Go to sleep and get up and do it all again.”

Times/Post Intelligencer

December 29, 2002

Pique – Best of Whistler 2003 – Best Atmoshphere, Best Sushi

Pique – Best of Whistler 2002 – Voted Best Restaurant

“Bearfoot Bistro is the finest of Whistler’s eateries, and Sushi Village is so popular you must book before you leave home.”

The Guardian

December 2002

Best Restaurant 2001 – Silver Award

Best Restaurant 2000

“An essential part of the Whistler experience is telling tales of your adventures over a great meal and Bearfoot Bistro is te best place toeat, bu the prices rival London. Sushi Village is my favourite…”

Tourism British Columbia

February 1, 2002

Sushi Village sushi menu

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